Where are the orphans with Special Needs? Где находятся дети-сироты с ограниченными возможностями?

Где? Where? www.gdye.org

Authors:  Lynn & Yuri Kolber, parents of Sasha adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine and Travis.

Delivering materials from the Down Association in Chicago to the orphanage. Posters and videos of kids with Down Syndrome leading normal lives playing soccer, the piano, dancing ballet, and so on.

Visiting the orphanage in May 2004 we catch glimpse of Daniil. Daniil has Down Syndrome but is integrated with a regular group and had just come in from outside.

Daniil washes his hands and totters off to play with his friends. But a little part of Daniil has lodged in our hearts.

Investigating what happens to orphans with Down Syndrome once they age out of the baby orphanages makes us realize that we need to find Daniil a family.

By January 2006 Daniil has grown into a handsome young boy. He is attached to his caregivers, smart, talking and very cute.

Our search for a family continues frantically. Fortunately for Daniil the commission that decides where to place him is wise and sends him to a kindergarten age orphanage instead of an institution. And we manage to find a family for Daniil! The Stolz family start preparing their adoption paperwork.

In January 2007 the last winter without a family is passing slowly for Daniil as he waits patiently for his forever family.

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