Where are the orphans with Special Needs? Где находятся дети-сироты с ограниченными возможностями?

Где? Where?                            www.gdye.org

June 2007 and what Daniil does not know is that he is about to become the first of many children with Down adopted from Ukraine.

Mom Mary and Dad Jim meet Joey for the first time. Joey will now have 7 brothers and sisters, 2 of them adopted from Ukraine. Matt his older brother has Down Syndrome too.

Daniil on the train and plane going home!

In July 2007 Daniil started school in America. He catches the school bus. He loves to cook, swim and dance. He lost his first 2 teeth. He grew 8cm in three months. He is a regular boy in a family!

Joey has a family and a future!

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