Where are the orphans with Special Needs? Где находятся дети-сироты с ограниченными возможностями?

Где? Where?                            www.gdye.org

Just three months after they arrive home, Dima and Leks are blossoming. Leks is not blind – the lack of visual stimulation in the orphanage had led to a lack of development of his sight and a misdiagnosis.

Dima is social leader, creative (he loves to create scenarios and play pretend), he has an orange belt with a black stripe in Tae Kwon Do, attends grade 1 in a regular school with the benefit of a resource room and some 1-on-1 work. Dima loves to play with his Wii and often beats his dad, Jimmie at games. Spinal surgery last year has helped his balance and mobility.

Leks is very in touch with people and open to those around him. Spinal surgery last year improved his speech from single words to full sentences – he surprised everyone by telling his granny in the hospital that “Grandma it would be better if my bed was higher”. He loves to talk and sing. Leks attends kindergarten with a fulltime assistant and can manage his special wheelchair with one hand. Current favorites are Elmo and the Little People.

Lena is full of energy and has a fabulous sense of humor. She is very astute and has the ability to sum up a person or situation is a unique way. She was up and running in English in no time at all, and loves to chat away. Lena loves to use her hands to draw, string beads, and so on. She loves music and singing.

Jimmie and Amanda make wonderful parents to this trio. Amanda has also travelled back to the orphanages with therapists to help educate the staff on how to work with special needs kids.

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