Where are the orphans with Special Needs? Где находятся дети-сироты с ограниченными возможностями?

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A common misunderstanding is that CP causes mental retardation. In fact, only CP individuals with brain damage in the hippocampus or the frontal cerebral cortex develop mental retardation. While learning difficulties and CP may co-occur, it is common for individuals with CP to lead normal lives. Intellectual level among people with CP varies from genius to mentally retarded, as it does in the general population. The important thing is to not under estimate the child's capabilities and to give them every opportunity to learn.

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Christopher Nolan was born breech and deprived of oxygen for two hours. This Irish poet and writer was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is unable to speak and virtually unable to move voluntarily. He uses his head pointer to type. His autobiographical book, subtitled "The Life Story of Christopher Nolan," is cleverly narrated as a third person account of the life of "Joseph Meehan." Nolan has never spoken or signed a word in his life, yet his poetry has been compared to that of Joyce, Keats, and Yeats.

Jerry Traylor - A motivational speaker with cerebral palsy. He is the only person to jog across America on crutches. He has spoken to over a million people about overcoming challenges and life struggles.

 Stephen Hopkins suffered from cerebral palsy and signed the Declaration of Independence with a shaking hand. Signing the Declaration of Independence from Rhode Island, Stephen said, “My hand may shake but my heart does not”. In 1773, he freed his slaves, and the following year, while serving in the Rhode Island Assembly in 1774, he introduced a bill that prohibited the importation of slaves into the colony. This became one of the first anti-slavery laws in the new United States.

Christy Brown Christy wrote an international bestseller about his experiences growing up with cerebral palsy. He began with an autobiography called "My Left Foot," and later expanded it into a novel called "Down All The Days." Christy was born in 1932 in Dublin Ireland and had 12 brothers and sisters. His dad was a bricklayer and his family was very poor. When he was a child, the family doctor told his parents he was mentally disabled and that he would grow up to be retarded. Christy's mother knew her son was intelligent, no matter what the doctors said. Christy's cerebral palsy symptoms made it hard for him to control his speech or movement, except for his left foot. When Christy started using his left foot to hold chalk and make marks on a chalkboard his Mother became convinced he could be taught to read and write. Christy's Mother taught him the alphabet and he eventually became a great writer and poet. Even though Christy had cerebral palsy, he didn't let his it stop him from improving his abilities and to fulfill his potential as a writer.

Jhamak Ghimire is Nepal’s equal of Helen Keller. Born in 1980 with cerebral palsy, Ghimire’s desire led her to learn to read and write. She’s gone to become one of the leading and respected literary figures of Nepal.

Rick Hoyt and his father Dick compete together in marathons, triathlons, and other athletic endeavors. Rick was disabled at birth by a loss of oxygen to his brain and he suffers from cerebral palsy. Dick carries him in a special seat up front as they bike, pulls him in a special boat as they swim, and pushes him in a special wheelchair as they run. Thanks to his parents, who ignored the advice of doctors that he would live life in a persistent vegetative state, and Tufts University engineers, who recognized that his sense of humor indicated intelligence, at the age of 12, Rick was able to learn how to use a special computer to communicate, using movements from his head. The first words he typed were, "Go Bruins!", and the family learned he was a sports fan. They entered their first race in 1977, a 5 mile benefit run for an injured lacrosse player who was a schoolmate of Rick's. As of December 31, 2006, Team Hoyt had participated in a total of 942 events, including 216 Triathlons (6 of which were Ironman competitions), 20 Duathlons, and 65 Marathons, including 25 consecutive Boston Marathons. They also biked and ran across the USA in 1992 — a 3,735 mile journey that took them 45 days.

Although cerebral palsy patient Bill Porter wasn’t a famous actor, one portrayed him in a TNT movie, Door to Door, about his life story. William H. Macy starred as Bill, a door-to-door salesman in Portland, Oregon. After graduating with a high school diploma from a school for the disabled at 22, Bill refused to receive aid from the state. He secured a job with Watkins Company, based solely on commission and in an area that no one else wanted. Bill then went on to become the top-grossing salesman in Portland, the Northwest, and the U.S.