Where are the orphans with Special Needs? Где находятся дети-сироты с ограниченными возможностями?

Где? Where?                            www.gdye.org

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· Always make sure the child is sat upright to eat.  This will ease swallowing and digestion, which can be impaired.

· Pacifiers can be used to naturally pacify the baby and help develop a suck reflex and the oral muscles used in speech.

· Giving the child eye contact and talking to them while they are being fed is a great way to strengthen the child's eye sight, it is important to encourage the child to keep their head up in order to strengthen their neck muscles.

· For older kids:  gum or foods of a chewy or crunchy consistency are a great way to strengthen oral motor muscles.

· Picking up small pieces of cereal to eat can help with fine motor development.  This also helps the child learn to chew food up before swallowing.


· The children should spend time laying on their stomachs to increase neck and upper body muscle strength.

· The children should be sat up to play to help develop their neck muscles and balance reflexes.

· Lightly bouncing the children on balls or your knee will help them to build balance reflexes.  Moving the child slowly from side to side and allowing them to right themselves will also build these reflexes.

· Encourage the child to reach across their body to pick up toys and put them in a bowl, this can be difficult for children with CP, but is a very important therapeutic activity.

· Books are a great way to develop vocabulary and visual skills (with or without words)

· Parallel talking while baby is playing or while dressing, i.e. "I'm putting on your socks now, and now your shoes".  Develops communication (turn taking, vocabulary, etc).

· Any activity that encourages a child to use words to receive a reward.  For example for a baby, using a stacking ring toy.  They could vocalize to receive each piece of the toy. For older kids, the same.

· Mirrors.  Babies love to see their faces in mirrors, as well as the older kids!

· It is important that the child have access to different sensory experiences such as feeling different textures with their hands and mouth.


· Rocking, swinging, or bouncing can stimulate the child's body and help them to relax and sleep better.

· Mobiles above the crib can help eye development because it gives the child something to focus on and watch.

· Listening to classical music can help stimulate a child's brain that helps educational and emotional development.  It can also sooth a child and help them to sleep better.